Aims and Scope




"Corporate Governance and Innovative Economic Development of the North. Bulletin of Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Investment of Syktyvkar State University" - this is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal included in the Higher attestation Commission (of the Ministry of education and science) list and published since 2005 by Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University four times a year, each issue of the journal is issued before the 20th of the month following the quarter.      

International Standard Serial Number - ISSN 2070-4992

The purpose of the Bulletin is:

- publication of articles and other types of work containing the results of authentic open theoretical and applied research, scientific, practical and innovative activities of representatives of the world scientific community;

- formation of an open scientific debate atmosphere, contributing to the further improvement of the quality and effectiveness of scientific research, improvement of the expertise of scientific works;

- ensuring the informational transparency of the process and the results of the work of various research teams, scientific schools on the problems of ecology, quality of life and development of the productive sources of the North, the development of which makes a significant contribution to the development of the world economy;

- dissemination of scientific achievements in the field of economics and management of the world scientific community;

- providing the interested audience with theoretical, methodological and practice-oriented information that contributes to the development of the global scientific community in the field of corporate governance and innovative development, taking into account the specifics of the North, aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of the regions of the North;

- formation of a constant, sustained interest among the scientific and scientific-pedagogical community, as well as among young and novice scientists to the journal, its relevance in the professional circles of economists and managers of various regions of Russia, the world scientific community.

The Bulletin covers the following topics of the branches of economics and management:

  • Socio-economic development of the economy of the North (socio-economic problems of the economy of the North)
  • Innovative potential for economic development
  • Modern concepts and mechanisms of economic management
  • Socio-demographic potential of economic development
  • Regional economy studies
  • Automation of economic management processes
  • Finance and money circulation in the economy
  • Methodology for the study of the economy of the North
  • Local government in the regions of the North
  • Best corporate governance practice
  • Corporate culture
  • New North Economy
  • Corporate Technologies of the North Regions
  • Sustainable development of the economy of the North
  • Development of the productive forces of the North
  • Foreign experience in economic development