Issue №3, 2016



Cost efficiency of the intensification of production taking into account territorial distinctions in trudoobespechennosti


K. V. Pavlov, The Kama institute of humanitarian and engineering technologies (Izhevsk, Russia)


Trudoobespechennost level in system of social production in different regions of Russia very significantly differs. So, many industries in regions of Far North and the Far East the countries in case of socialism and in case of the market relations still continue to have as before deficiency of a labor power. In this regard implementation of social and economic assessment of efficiency of the labor-saving direction of an intensification of production taking into account territorial distinctions in a trudoobespechennost is very urgent. One of the most important indicators of the laborsaving direction of an intensification of production is the labor productivity surplus relation indicator to a fondovooruzhyonnost surplus. However, it would be wrong to justify with any size of economy of own work growth of its fondovooruzhyonnost and capital-output ratio of products. From there is an important economic problem of an optimum ratio between a fondovooruzhyonnost of work and growth of its performance due to technical equipment of production.
 Due to the limitation of resources with other things being equal the extreme importance has the problem resolution of priority distribution of the most effective new equipment depending on degree of a territorial trudoobespechennost. Carrying out such technical policy will be promoted by development in an industry at least as an element of information base for implementation of the principles of the regulated market relations of system of standard coefficients of determination of cost efficiency of input of fixed assets in which also trudoobespechennost level in different regions of the country would be considered. Especially it is urgent for extreme regions of Far North and the Far East.

Keywords: regional distinctions in trudoobespechennost, extreme regions, Far North, the Far East, a production intensification, the labor-saving direction, efficiency


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For citation: Pavlov K. V. Cost efficiency of the intensification of production taking into account territorial distinctions in trudoobespechennosti in extreme regions // Corporate governance and innovative economic development of the North: Bulletin of the Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Capital of Syktyvkar State University. 2016. № 3. Р. 80–87.