Issue №4, 2016



Performance evaluation system of government guarantees and compensation in the northern regions of Russia

V. S. Selin, Institute of Economic Problems. G. P. Luzina KSC RAS (Apatity, Russia)

The northern territories hold a specific place not only in geography (over 60 % of total area), but also in national economy. Therefore a main objective of article was the research and assessment of capacity to act of separate regulations of state regulation in special conditions of activities. Methods of the economic analysis and a factorial typology were used. Even at the present stage when there is an upgrade of an industrial complex to the accelerated development of high technology production, resource and raw industries of the North play very important role in formation of budgets of all levels and currency incomes. At the same time state regulation of economic activity and accommodation of the population considerably is implemented through system of warranty payments which play an important role in attraction and fixing of a labor power. In article the analysis of influence of the operating district coefficients and northern allowances concerning the salary and real incomes of the population, including on the basis of their «regulation». It is shown that the system of warranty payments doesn't render the dominating vliyaniyan migratory processes in the north, at the same time its efficiency decreases during all transition period.

Keywords: North, population, economy, analysis, organization, structure, salary, income, district coefficients, northern allowances, migration.


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For citation: Selin V.S. Performance evaluation system of government guarantees and compensation in the Northern regions of Russia // Corporate governance and innovative economic development of the North: Bulletin of the Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Capital of Syktyvkar State University. 2016. № 4. P. 90—98.