Issue №1, 2020



Integrated engineering in construction of Russia as an object of normative regulation


DOI: 10.34130/2070-4992-2020-1-53-61

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Kuznetsov B.O. – managing Director of JSC GOSINFOTECH, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The article defines and highlights the features of engineering activities in construction, including integrated engineering as the highest level of this activity. The importance of integrated engineering for the innovative development of the construction industry is shown. The problems of normative regulation of complex engineering activities in the Russian Federation are identified, the main one of which is the lack of allocation of complex engineering as an independent type of economic activity, which does not allow creating a full-fledged legal and regulatory framework for this type of activity. As a comprehensive approach to solving this problem, the author proposes a system of normative regulation of complex engineering in construction, including: the collective classification grouping "Complex engineering" in the all-Russian classifier of economic activities, the Federal law "On complex engineering activities", as well as changes to the current legislation on public procurement in order to legitimize public procurement of complex contract works, state standards "Integrated engineering in construction" and "Integrated information modeling in construction", sets of rules for evaluating the cost of integrated engineering services, selecting companies to participate in projects, as well as a set of standard and approximate forms of contracts for various types of integrated engineering and schemes for implementing investment and construction projects. This will allow, in the author's opinion, to consolidate the allocation of complex engineering in an independent type of activity; identify the place of integrated engineering in the investment and construction process, determine its subject, functional content and organizational support; establish common requirements for engineering companies; create an effective system of state purchases in the field of integrated engineering; create the necessary knowledge base and create a system of contract support for integrated engineering projects.

Keywords: Integrated engineering, construction, normative regulation, contract support, investment and construction project.


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For citation: Kuznetsov B. O. Integrated engineering in construction of Russia as an object of normative regulation // Corporate governance and innovative economic development of the North: Bulletin of the Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Capital of Syktyvkar State University. 2020. No. 1. Р. 53–61. DOI: 10.34130/2070-4992-2020-1-53-61.