LIST OF requirements AND TERMS for PUBLIshing SCIENTIFIC papers and other materials


Only previously unpublished articles and other materials (surveys, reviews, etc.) relevant to the content of the Bulletin are accepted for publication.

Basic requirements for the content of copyrighted materials (scientific article, review, review of monographs, textbook, review of a scientific article)

Scientific (practical) article. As a rule, in the introductory part of the article the urgency of the theme and expediency of its development (solutions of a scientific problem or task) must be justified, the purpose of the study must be determined. In the main part of the article the research process of the problem and development of the topic on the basis of the analysis and synthesis of information must be disclosed, the ways of achieving the results and the results themselves must be presented; the tasks, their accomplishments must be formulated, the necessary descriptions and explanations, the evidence and justification must be given. In the final part the work is summed up, conclusions are formulated; recommendations and possible directions for further research are described.

Review. As a rule, the most important and promising directions in the development of science (practice), some of its branches, phenomena, events, etc., should be analyzed, compared, determined in the review. It is desirable for the material to have problematic nature, to demonstrate the existing conflicting views on the development of scientific (practical) knowledge. At the same time if possible it should contain conclusions, generalizations, summary of the data.

Review of a monograph, textbook is the analysis, critique, evaluation of the scientific work (except dissertation researches) in the genre of newspaper and magazine journalism.

Review of a scientific article is a review on the scientific work before publishing it. A review which is sent to the journal should disclose the relevance, significance, scientific and methodological theoretical and practical value of the article, include the evaluation, characterization of the work, conclusions.


Requirements for formatting of copyright materials


The Bulletin accepts for publication the articles and other materials in Russian.

Copyrighted materials, including the following elements should be submitted to the Editor of the Bulletin:

• title of the published material;

• information about the authors;

• abstract;

• keywords;

• the text of the published material;

• the list of references.

The title, information about the authors, the abstract, keywords must be submitted to the editor in Russian and English languages for publication in the Bulletin.

Materials sent to the Bulletin, must have a review by a Doctor or a Master in Economics (for graduate students and candidates for a degree by a Master in Economics, for doctoral candidates for the degree of Doctor of Science by a Doctor of Science).

All materials must be submitted to the editors of the Bulletin in paper and electronic form in the format of Microsoft Word text editor.

Materials submitted in paper form should be printed in fine mode, pages must be numbered, stitched, the material should be signed on the last page by all the authors.

Tables, graphs, diagrams and figures are to be incorporated into the text. In this case the table must have a title that is placed over the tabular field, and figures should have captions. When using multiple tables or figures their numbering is required. Figures, formulas, tables, graphs and diagrams should be made in the format that allows their editing and changing their configuration without addressing the authors.

Author's original volume should not exceed 1 copyright page (8 - 50 thousand characters with spaces), or from 4 to 25 typewritten (computer) A4 pages, printed in 1.5 - 2 interval, font Times New Roman size 12.

All articles sent by the authors for publication in journals are reviewed in accordance with the procedure of reviewing scientific articles.

The title should be concise and reflect the essence of the thematic content of the material. After the title the information about the authors, compilers, and other people who participated in the work on the manuscript must be specified.

Information about the authors includes the following elements (example):

• Surname and initials of the author;

place of work or study (name of the institution or organization);


the name of the country;

academic degree, academic title;

position or profession;

• contact information (e-mail).

Abstract (the author’s summary) must (example):

• describe the main purpose of the study;

• explain how the study was conducted without methodological details;

• summarize the most important results and their importance;

• not exceed 300 words .

Keywords should reflect the main content of the article, as far as possible not to repeat the terms of the title, annotation, use terms from the text of the article, as well as the terms determining the subject area and including other important concepts. Keywords are given in the nominative case in the amount of not less than five and not more than twenty.

References. Bibliography must be submitted in the form of bibliographic references (ГОСТ 7.05-2008) and bibliographies at the end of the material (section "References"). Descriptions of the books and articles listed in alphabetical order of authors and titles (if author is not specified);the work of one author are arranged in alphabetical order of the titles.The author is responsible for the accuracy of the information, the accuracy of quotations and references to official documents and other sources. Foreign spelling of words is given within brackets, except references to the literature. References to literature should be presented in Russian and in the Roman alphabet (Latin). (Examples).

Paper materials are submitted to the editors of the Bulletin by regular mail to the address: 55, Starovskogo St., Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi, 167000 Syktyvkar State University, The Editors of the electronic scientific edition of "Corporate Governance and Innovative Development of the North: Bulletin of the Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Investment of Syktyvkar State University" or personally by the author(s) to the same address to Office Number 308.

Materials in the electronic form are sent to the editor of the Bulletin by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or transmitted in electronic media (disks, diskettes, USB flesh drives, etc.) along with the paper version by mail or in person by the author(s).

The editors do not work with the authors who present only paper materials. Assigning the material in the electronic form is a must! Submitting the material only in the electronic form is possible.

The Bulletin takes to publishing short reviews or discussion notes on previously published articles. To publish reviews or remarks recommendations are not required, but the volume of each print publication of this kind should not exceed two A4 pages when the technical requirements for the articles are fulfilled.

Adding copyright additions and changes to the text of the article after its publication is not permitted, but the author(s) may send additional comments to their article on the general basis, their publication will be considered in the general order.

Any materials of the Bulletin or excerpts from them may be distributed over electronic networks, but a link to the original source is obligatory.

Attention! In the case of non-compliance with the requirements of these publications conditions, the article will not be considered!

Fee for the publication of manuscripts will be charged.