Issue №4, 2016



Directions of increase of investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg and role of the state


M. S. Nagdieva, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

The article is devoted to the actual problem of in- crease of investment attractiveness of the region. The effect of the investment on the effective functioning of the economy of the region, stimulation of long-term economic growth, the creation of a favorable economic environment is studied. The author is considered the experience of St. Petersburg as a region with the most efficient investment policy in Russia. The investment activity in St. Petersburg at the present stage is analyzed, the problems of its realization are revealed, and also the role of regional authorities in increase in efficiency of implementation of investment activity is studied. The influence of regional authorities on the formationof a favorable investment climate in the region, the development of an efficient investment environment is revealed. Directions of increase of investment attractive- ness of St. Petersburg are developed.

Keywords: investment, investment infrastructure, investment project, investment potential of the region, agencies on investment attraction. 


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For citation: Nagdieva M. S. Directions of increase of investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg and role of the state // Corporate governance and innovative economic development of the North: Bulletin of the Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Capital of Syktyvkar State University. 2016. № 4. P. 30—39.