Issue №3, 2020



Regional Land Resource Potential Management Mechanism


DOI: 10.34130/2070-4992-2020-3-114

Chirukhin A. V. — PhD student of the Department of Management and Marketing, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution Higher education "Kurgan State University", Kurgan, Russia, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of formation and functioning of the mechanism of land and resource potential management in the agro-industrial complex of the Kurgan region now. Theoretical and methodological basis of the research was the scientific works of economists in the field of land resources management of the agroindustrial complex. Such scientific methods as analytical, statistical, logical and comparative were used in the preparation of this article. The concept of land and resource potential of agroindustrial complex and the mechanism of its management at the regional level is considered in the article. Features and elements of the mechanism of management of land resources of Kurgan region in the current conditions of management are revealed. The formulated proposals complement the existing ideas about the mechanism of management of agricultural lands of the regional agro-industrial complex as a system of interrelated and complementary methods and tools to improve the competitiveness of agricultural production through a more rational and efficient use of available land resources. The results of the study will allow the constituent entity of the Russian Federation to use a more differentiated approach in choosing strategic directions for the development of agrarian production, taking into account territorial peculiarities. The results of this study have led to the following conclusions. Overall, there are necessary conditions and opportunities for efficient agricultural production In the Trans-Urals, and in the conditions of the digitalisation of the economy, there is a need to introduce innovations, attract investments, develop infrastructure and increase the efficiency of their use. Therefore, there is a need for an adequate mechanism for managing the main production resource of the agricultural sector — land. The mechanism for managing land and resource potential must include not only regulation of land use in agriculture, but also the provision of other types of resources without which effective land use is impossible — material and technical, labour, infrastructure, etc.

Keywords: land and resource potential, Kurgan region, efficiency, management mechanism, agro-industrial complex, agricultural producers, land use, agricultural land.


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For citation: Chirukhin A. V. Regional land resource potential management mechanism // Corporate Governance and Innovative Economic Development of the North. Bulletin of Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Investment of Syktyvkar State University. 2020. No. 3. Р. 114—122. DOI: 10.34130/2070-4992-2020-3-114